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All “Video Vernier's” include Acu-Rite precision glass scales, Metronics digital display, color ccd cameras, and a color 17” flat screen monitor. All models also include precision ground rails, blue anodized base plate with fence and lead screw for fast, easy positioning. Edge detecting cross hair generator, fiber optic illuminator and ring light standard on all models.

  • Depending on the width of required measurement, the unit may be configured in 12” to 36” lengths.
  • The Video Vernier is configured in 6” increments. Sizes range from (12”, 18”, 24”, 30”, 36”)

17” High Resolution Color Flat Screen with S-Video Resolution.

The 17” TFT-LCD color monitor will provide a clear and crisp image of parts while saving space on the desktop. This monitor has multiple inputs with the ability to connect directly to a computer and display resolutions of 1280(H) x 1024(W)

Integrates a color high resolution camera with bnc and s-video outputs.

Having two outputs allow one image to be connected to the Video Vernier CRT monitor and a second image can be connected directly to a computer for image capture and documentation simultaneously.


A fiberoptic ring light around the lens provides 360 degrees of light. No Shadows!

A fiber Optic Ringlight provides shadow-free illumination with 360 degrees of light.


The Video Vernier offers the Metronics QC110 display with inch/mm, zero reset, linear calibration and SPC output.

The Metronics QC-110 readout has an easy to use LCD display which allows for SPC output to a computer or printer for documentation and analysis purposes.


Video Vernier has a digital crosshair generator with a fixed optical center. The cross lines will "blink when touching an edge.

Video Vernier utilizes a digital cross hair generator that accepts composite video input, then superimposes a crosshair on the output video. The crosshair can be used as a reference for measurement or alignment. Adjustments: Position (horizontal and vertical), intensity (white and black), threshold (level at which automatic mode will trigger a color change) and sync pulse.


Features a 25mm lens with manual f-stop and focus ring to adjust for sample height.


Video Vernier uses Acu-Rite glass scales with resolutions at .5/um/.0002".

Glass is an inherently stable material that resists changes in size, shape or density due to variations in temperature or humidity. This stability allows for the generation of numerous ultra-fine line patterns; providing ACU-RITE precision glass scales with exceptional accuracy down to ±1.5µm (.00006").

Easily adjust the high heliz leadscrew with no levers - operates at the turn of a hand

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