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Below are products that Automation Components reccomends as consistant, reliable and well-priced. To find out more click on each image to be directed to their respective website.

Manual Measurement

StarLite GX

Interactive Measurement at your fingertips

StarLite GX - fast, accurate and repeatable results you expect from a measurement system.

StarLite GX is designed for ease of use, with ergonomic controls, and innovative full-featured software. Increase your productivity with optional front panel controls - motorized zoom, XYZ zero set, enter point button, skew alignment, and an inch/millimeter switch.

eGx metrology software guides users through measurement routines with graphical icons, and unique tools for fast results on a manual measurement system.

Download Product Datasheet

Automated Measurment

Sprint CNC 200-300 Systems

Sprint CNC™ fits on a workbench and provides stage travels as large as 12" x 12". Use the handy joystick to move the part and optics. Precise autofocus speeds throughput and improves repeatability. Run programs for all your parts to keep your quality in control.

Sprint CNC Features:

  • 0.5-micron XYZ axis scales
  • LED back light
  • VectorLight™ ring light
  • Optional LED on-axis illumination

Powered by eBx Measurement Software and the AutoCheck™ controller


Visual Inspection Devices

SCIENSCOPE NZ Trinocular Series

A True Trinocular Inspection Systems suited for any application.

The NZ Trinocular Series offers rugged body construction suited for any industrial application in any environment. This true trinocular body construction gives you both the high depth-of-field (DOF) which you demand in rework, while ease of inspection with LCD monitor simultaneously.

  • Ergonomic design for effortless observation.
  • Low position focus knob for quick easy focusing.
  • High eye-point eyepieces with built in diopter adjuster.
  • Detents smooth zoom knobs.
  • Cover lens to prevent solders and dust.
Download NZ Trinocular Series Product PDF

Certified Refurbished

  • All items in Level 1 category
  • Rebuilt or new membrane panels or DRO as applicable
  • New illumination systems
  • New or Rebuilt/Certified linear glass scales on all measuring axis
  • Rebuilt or replaced axis drive systems
  • Top and bottom table surfaces repaired (as required)
  • New optical surfaces (as required)
  • New glass chart
  • Tear-down & clean
  • Paint touch-ups*
  • Safety updates
  • Full 1 year warranty for parts and 90 days for labor
*Complete repainting of covers will be done only when, and if, the machine condition warrants. All PreOwned and refurbished machines may have cosmetic blemishes

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Video Vernier™

The "Video Vernier" is an easy to use single axis measuring gage. Utilizing precision glass scales with a video camera this gage measures the width or length of a variety of material.

Commonly found in the slitting or converting industries, the" Video Vernier" measures film, paper, plastic, tape, labels and a vast array of other materials. Available in standard lengths from 12" through 36" this affordable measuring gage is shop-friendly and simple to use. The "Video Vernier" includes a color camera, high resolution monitor, Acu-Rite 10um glass scale and fiberoptic light source.

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